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Seattle P.I. Columnist Looks Into the Future

It looks like mainstream journalists are beginning to take notice of the persecution of Darwin-skeptics. Writing in yesterday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Joel Connelly asks us to "Take a look at Seattle in the year 2077." His satirical history from that vantage point--looking back at today from the future--sees oddities of many kinds. Among them, Darwin-skeptics, including Discovery Institute's president Bruce Chapman, will be imprisoned because they "refused to recant their criticism of Darwin." Connelly writes:

Conservative scholars of the Discovery Institute refused to recant their criticism of Darwin. Joshua took us past a converted theater on Pine Street reserved for such "hard-core" offenders.

The Discovery scholars were forced to watch, 18 hours a day, House speeches by former Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, old PBS documentaries by Bill Moyers, and films of Sen. Joe Biden at Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.

They did not break but smuggled out articles detailing a new theory of "Counterintelligent Design."

"Prison Letters to Sarah," the prison correspondence of Discovery Institute founder Bruce Chapman and his wife, became an international best-seller."

(Joel Connelly, "Take a look at Seattle in the year 2077," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 14, 2007)