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Russian News Service Writer Gets it Right on Darwin Issue

RIA Novosti news service writer Alexander Arkhangelsky discusses culture, politics and science in an insightful article ("Cartoons and Darwin") that should give Americans pause. Cultural traditions in Russia today simultaneously bounce off the old Soviet values, pre-Revolutionary values (evoking the prominence of the Orthodox Church) and the rather chaotic commercial and political influences of the present. Where Arkhangelsky comes down seems to us eminently sound: "Students should know about Darwinism and anti-Darwinism, the scientific and the religious." If he means the science on both sides and the religion ON BOTH SIDES, I would have to agree--for Russians. Here in America, we should stick to the scientific case on both sides. That alone would be a huge advantage. But it is interesting to consider that the Russians may have a clearer grasp of what academic freedom means on this issue than their counterparts in the mainstream U.S. media.

Personally, I am beginning to think that Russia is not being adequately and accurately reported in this country!