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Mark Farmer's Evolving Explanations

Mark Farmer has responded to Larry Caldwell's original post about Farmer's e-mails to Quality Science Education for All. Readers can decide for themselves whether Farmer's explanation of what he wrote fits the tone of his original e-mails to Caldwell where Caldwell reported that Farmer enthusiastically asked: "Specifically I would like to know whether or not you support the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ being taught in our public schools. This is an issue I feel very strongly about and would need to know your position before making a decision to financially support QSEA."

Caldwell responded saying:

Thank you for posting Mark Farmer's response to my blog post. Farmer's response is full of contradictions that might be amusing to pick apart, but he really doesn't refute what we said in the post --we caught a fervent non-creationist Episcopalian Evolutionist who publicly opposes including religious teachings in biology posing as a Creationist who advocates including religious teachings in biology.
Caldwell also stated that "For the record, it took my wife less than fifteen minutes to find the information on Farmers included in our post; not a year, as Farmers suggests."

Readers can read both sides and decide for themselves what really is going on here!