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The Mark of Meaning: An Interview with Intelligent Design Theorist Jonathan Witt

Travis McSherley, an editor at Breakpoint online, has an insightful author interview with CSC senior fellow Jonathan Witt, co-author of A Meaningful World. Last week, Breakpoint highlighted the importance of A Meaningful World with back to back commentaries on the book (here and here).

McSherley writes:

As Chuck Colson and Mark Earley have pointed out in BreakPoint commentaries on the book, this is not the typical defense of the intelligent design theory. One finds it somewhat overwhelming to go from an in-depth analysis of the writing style of Shakespeare to a discussion of the atomic makeup of the elements. And it is a bold venture to draw from so many widely varying sources in science and culture in order to draw a picture, as it were, of a universe that is finely tuned and awe-inspiring, and perhaps observed only by a few billion sentient life forms on one isolated planet.

The conclusion, however, is fairly simple: order, function, and consistency all represent evidence of purpose. Naturalism demands that purpose and meaning must, at root, be stripped away. But the human heart clamors for something deeper, while human experience--even in art and science--testifies to a world not simply enslaved to the whims of chance.

Read the full interview here.