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Censorship Wins in Ohio

Darwinists have apparently killed the proposed framework for teaching controversial issues in Ohio--at least for now.

According to a news article in the Columbus Dispatch, the Ohio Board of Education voted 14-3 to scrap further consideration of the proposal by one of its subcommittees. Check out my post from earlier this week if you want to know more. Chalk up another pyrrhic victory for the Darwin lobby. Darwinists seem oblivious to the fact that every time they try to censor open discussion on Darwinism (and now on other issues as well), they expose for all to see the bankruptcy of their position. If Darwinists really believed that the evidence for Darwin's theory is overwhelming, they wouldn't act so petrified every time someone suggests that students and teachers ought to be able to discuss different scientific views. Darwinists are apparently so insecure that they now believe the only way to preserve their theory is through one-sided indoctrination enforced by the state. We've come a long way from John Scopes, baby.