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BreakPoint Applauds A Meaningful World: Intelligent Design Argument Breaks New Ground

Yesterday, longtime ID supporter Chuck Colson gave the first of two BreakPoint radio commentaries praising A Meaningful World by Benjamin Wiker and Jonathan Witt. While Mr. Colson is familiar with many of the arguments for design, he was quick to note that A Meaningful World is

about so much more than the narrow concept that many people have of "intelligent design." Their book's subtitle helps explain their idea: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature. It's an original and utterly fascinating approach to the subject.

Wiker and Witt have taken the argument for design to another level, posing questions that Darwinism is utterly incapable of answering, as Prison Fellowship Ministries President Mark Earley pointed out in today's radio commentary:

The authors ask that, if the world was born out of chance, how is it that nature acts according to rational laws? If we're all here because of random and meaningless events, it doesn't make sense that, one, there are mathematical and scientific laws that govern our world, and, two, that our efforts could discover what those laws are. We would be fumbling in the darkness of randomness, looking for explanations that didn't even exist.

But the universe is full of patterns--patterns that extend to the smallest particles of an atom, that can be seen in the orderliness of the periodic table of elements. Furthermore, they're patterns that the human mind could discover and comprehend. How does random chance explain all that?

Wiker and Witt's argument for design is at once elegant and relevant, something that BreakPoint's readers seem to understand. Since the commentaries have been published, Amazon.com shows A Meaningful World to be selling fast.