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Legal Nuances of the Debate Over How To Teach Evolution Not Lost on ACLJ

Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice this week has an excellent segment discussing the legal and policy issues related to evolution and intelligent design in public schools. With a panel of legal experts from the ACLJ, Sekulow's segment is informative and accurate.

It is refreshing to see quality legal analysis on this issue. Usually the nuances of the debate are lost; but not here. As just one example, Sekulow's segment reminds his audience that intelligent design was not even being taught in Dover, PA. Rather, there was a statement read to kids saying there was a book in the library about ID if students wanted to take the time to learn more. Now this particular fact may or may not have legal relevance, but it is refreshing to see an informed discussion of the issues down to the details. Sekulow and his panel did their homework.

Go here to watch.