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Intelligent Design Scientists to Speak at Sun Dome in Florida Friday

Tomorrow night in Florida it will be Darwin vs. Design. Three of the leading intelligent design scientists in the country will speak at a conference at University of South Florida Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida, hosted by Physicians and Surgeons for Scientific Integrity.

Speakers will include:

If you'll be in the area, you will definitely want to attend. Admission is free for high school and college students and only $5 for all others.

If you can't attend in person, you can listen to the conference online Friday night, September 29th, 7pm EST at www.860wgul.com, thanks to the C.S. Lewis Society.

Each of the scientists has recently been interviewed on the ID The Future podcast. Click on their names to listen to their interviews: Dr. Ralph Seelke, Dr. Jonathan Wells, Dr. Michael Behe. Visit the podcast homepage at intelligentdesign.podomatic.com and listen to any of the past podcasts archived there free of charge.