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British Organization Seeks to Incorporate Teaching Scientific Criticisms of Evolution in UK

There's a new player in the United Kingdom in the debate over how best to teach evolution. A new website launched this week, "Truth in Science," seeks to "promote good science education in the UK." Because of the different education and policy environment in the UK, versus that of the United States, TiS endorses teaching both the criticisms of evolution and the scientific theory of intelligent design.

We consider that it is time for students to be permitted to adopt a critical approach to Darwinism in science lessons. They should be given fair and accurate presentations of alternative views. ... Truth in Science promotes the critical examination of Darwinism in schools, as an important component of science education.

In addition to their educational goals, which are clearly outlined on the website and put into context with the educational policies and guidelines of the UK, the site includes examples of lesson plans, as well as insightful examinations of some alleged proofs of evolution -- key Icons of evolution, such as the development of biological resistance, the Peppered Moth, horse evolution, Darwin's finches, the Miller-Urey experiment, and homology in vertebrate limbs.

The directors and advisors to TiS include a number of educators and scientists with credentials from places such as Oxford University, University of Leeds, Bristol University and Cambridge University.