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Beasts in the Forest Do The Evolution

Over at Uncommon Descent, William Dembski has highlighted a video we've been watching and talking about here in the Discovery offices for a while now -- Pearl Jam's 1998 "Do The Evolution." Technically, it's a brilliant video, animated by award winning artist Todd McFarlane. It takes the viewer through the history of mankind, starting from the origin of the first life.

It is an intense video and the imagery is both compelling and disturbing, not unlike Pink Floyd's The Wall. I don't see how you can think this anything other than a slam at wholesale Darwinism, as it clearly outlines what you will get when humans are dumbed down to nothing more than an accidental accumulation of matter. CSC bioethicist Wesley J. Smith was quoted this year on a Starbuck's cup:

"The morality of the 21st century will depend on how we respond to this simple but profound question: Does ever human life have equal moral value because it is human? Answer yes, and we have a chance of achieving universal human rights. Answer no, and it means that we are merely another animal in the forest."
As Pearl Jam shows, that would be one horrid forest.