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"A Reason for the World": A Meaningful World Theme Song?

Discovery Institute's book party for A Meaningful World was yesterday, where Benjamin Wiker and I spoke to an overflow crowd (albeit in a small conference room) about the evidence for meaning and purpose in the world. The new website for the book is here.

This morning a colleague from Grand Rapids, Jay Richards, forwarded a link to a song that we can use for the book's theme song when they finally make it into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Jimmy Stewart: Five for Fighting's "Reason for the World."

The song's meaning is couched in metaphor, but the point is clear: we're a small part of a vast universe, but the arts (Dylan) and the sciences (eclipses) strongly suggest that we're here for a reason. That's the same case Wiker and I make in the 257 pages of A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature. The book is currently back ordered at Amazon, but more are on the way. You can also order it immediately from IVP.