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Is the Pope Catholic?

If you are in Rome this spring you can find Vatican "holy cards" of Pope Benedict XVI for sale at souvenir stands around St. Peter's and throughout the city.

The selected quotation on the card is from the Pope's first homily (largely ignored by the Western media, needless to say), wherein the Holy Father stated, among other things, that "We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution."

Hundreds of thousands of these little cards in myriad languages have been distributed already. They are very popular. If Europe recovers from materialism the work of Pope Benedict XVI will have been a major medium of change.

No doubt the Pope will be denounced as a heretic by the Darwin faithful, especially in the Church of the Mainstream Media. They prefer the perspective of Fr. George Coyne, the Arizona-based Jesuit and "Vatican Astronomer" who argues that Darwinism is not only good science, but excellent theology--and that intelligent design proponents are "pagans". In the U.S. it is Fr. Coyne who is being toured from one Darwinist meeting to another and hailed as the true voice of faith. Don't distribute any of these Vatican holy cards at such gatherings or you may be thrown out.