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ID's Godfather, Phillip Johnson, Marches On

Even as Antony Flew receives the Phillip E Johnson Award for Liberty and Truth, the Sacramento Bee reports about Johnson still on the speaking circuit. The short article quotes some of Johnson's former colleagues at Boalt Hall, and is very clear on where Johnson stands on education policy in regards to teaching ID:

Johnson said his intent never was to use public school education as the forum for his ideas. In fact, he said he opposed the efforts by the "well-intentioned but foolish" school board in Dover, Pa., to require teachers to present intelligent design as a viable scientific theory.

Instead, he hoped to ignite a debate in universities and the higher echelon of scientific thinkers.

This article comes just after a new book was published by IVP hailing Johnson as the ID movement's first driving force and mentor. "Darwin's Nemesis" includes essays honoring Johnson from both friends and friendly critics including: Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Jay Richards, Paul Nelson, Michael Ruse. It was edited by William Dembski and also has a forward by US Sen. Rick Santorum.