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Dennett Defends Dawkins, Rues Ruse's Ruse, Scotches Scott

This story from England is a month old, but took a while getting over the Pond to my in-box .

Dennett and Dawkins say in public what Eugenie Scott says in private. Ruse may actually be sincere (though sincerely wrong), and not a ruse deviser at all. He was morally compromised some time ago when he took to quaffing beer with known "creationists in disguise" (as the ACLU's favorite judge would call them). Ever since then Ruse has been incapable of sober materialist judgement.

Recently in his Seattle debate with Steve Meyer, Peter Ward, too, criticized Dawkins, and with a bit of a snarl, I thought--all happily captured and preserved on tape. Dennett should rise again to the defense of his friend. We'll open our space for it. Tell us what you really think, Dr. Dennett.

May the one who throws the biggest fit survive.