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Did the ACLU Squeeze the Intelligent Design Decision out of Dover?

The taxpayers in Dover Pennsylvania may have been fleeced by the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS) for a shocking $1 million dollar bill.

Joe Manzari and Seth Cooper's article today in The American Enterprise Institute Online brings this dirty little secret into the public light.

A few months ago when the ACLU announced that they "generously" would only demand $1 million in attorneys fees for the Kitzmiller case, the casual observer probably thought nothing of it.

However, once the facts are examined, as Manzari and Cooper nicely lay out, the attorneys fees collected by the ACLU are not merely the cost of losing a lawsuit, but rather look much more like a fat taxpayer funded gift to the ACLU & AUSCS.

Manzari & Cooper explain in detail how the newly elected Dover Area School Board, which campaigned on removing the ID policy actually chose to keep the policy during their first meeting. Why? Because the Board members understood that removing the policy could have ended the legal controversy. Without the school board deciding to keep the policy, the same policy that board publicly opposed, the ACLU & AUSCS may not have been able to claim attorneys fees.

(Cooper and Manzari's incredible findings stand regardless of whether the authors may have missed the point that one board member, Bryan Rehm, had not yet had his election certified when the vote took place. If the best response the Darwinists can muster is to nitpick one paragraph about Bryan Rehm while failing to refute the entire piece's discussion of evidence of alleged collusion, then perhaps the Darwinists are missing the forest for the trees, just so they can attempt to dismiss this embarrassing scandal!)

In essence, the new Dover school board was fully aware that keeping the policy in place increased the risk of expensive attorneys fees. Manzari & Cooper explain why it now appears that there was collusion between the ACLU, AUSCS, and Dover school board members. If what Manzari and Cooper say is true, this alleged collusion allowed the school board to effectively guarantee the Kitzmiller decision at a purchase price of $1 million dollars. This appropriation of public funds should be cause for outrage. Check out the Manzari & Cooper article for more shocking details.