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Giant Article on Pygmy and Darwinism

Today's Wall Street Journal news section features an article that should be read carefully at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

"How Pygmy Ota Benga Ended Up in Bronx Zoo as Darwinism Dawned," by Cynthia Crossen, is an example of the embarrassing history you will not see acknowledged at the AMNH's self-congratulatory Darwin retrospective--or anywhere else that Darwinists are in charge.

Darwinism helped perpetuate and justify racism, as the Ota Benga story makes clear. It also produced the eugenics movement, where Darwinists (including, please note, the American Museum of Natural History) were the leaders. Eugenics was "science" and anyone who dissented was considered benighted. (See Richard Weikart's "From Darwin to Hitler" for the eugenics story in detail.)

The Journal article draws no parallels, but what the treatment of Ota Benga, the eugenics movement and today's AMNH exhibit have in common is the persistent thread of Darwinist arrogance.