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Darwinists Want To Ban Intelligent Design From Not Just Science Classrooms, But All Classrooms

Darwin's defenders don't want intelligent design just forced out of the science classroom, they want it banned from all classrooms. I predicted some months ago that the claims of Darwinists that intelligent design should be relegated to philosophy, social studies or compartive religion courses (when was the last time you heard of a public high school with a comparitive religion course??) would not stand the test of time. I knew that as soon as some school opted to play by the Darwinists' new rules those rules quickly would be changed. And here it is.

Frazier Mountain High School outside of Bakersfield, CA has decided to offer an elective philosophy course about intelligent design. You would think that the dogmatists at the ACLU or American's United for Separation of Church and State would be patting themselves on the back at this point. But no.

Instead, the school district is issued with an ultimatum according to the Bakersfield Calfiornian which reports that the districts superintendent received a nasty letter from Americans United for Separation of Church State saying in part:

"Pull the intelligent design class at Frazier Mountain High School," was the letter's ominous message, "or we file an injunction."
What is it that has these United Americans all upset? Well, the school has the nerve to offer a philosophy, not science, course that encourages students to "discuss and debate existing theories" including "components of the intelligent design theory, introductory philosophy, Darwin's theory of evolution and the origins of life according to Greek mythology." The nerve.

Darwinists have long argued that intelligent design should only be taught in social studies, history, or philosophy courses. But, now that some schools are doing exactly that they apparently think that the theory is too dangerous to be taugh in any classes. This is censorship, pure and simple. If there is one lesson that the Darwinists would be smart to learn, its that the forbidden fruit always taste sweetest.