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Medved on Intelligent Design; Sewell Critiques Darwinism at The American Spectator

Michael Medved interviewed Stephen Meyer, program director for the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture, for an hour on his national radio program recently. The audio recording is here.

Also, Granville Sewell, a mathematics professor at Texas A&M University, has a stimulating critique of Neo-Darwinism at The American Spectator. [Updated] Sewell's mathematics textbook was recently published by a major science publisher as part of a series titled "Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Wiley-Intersciences Series of Texts, Monographs, and Texts." The textbook reprints Sewell's essay "Can 'ANYTHING' Happen in an Open System?," which challenges the neo-Darwinian veiw that mutations and natural selection "can create order out of disorder, and even design human brains with human consciousness."