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Neumayr on Dover Science Reporters Who Don't Like Science and a Civil Liberty Union that Doesn't Much Like Civil Liberty

George Neumayr of the American Spectator has a good column about the Dover trial:

The ACLU has gone from defending teachers to prosecuting them. In a federal courtroom this week, the ACLU argued that science teachers in the school district of Dover, Pennyslvania, are not free under the Constitution to question evolutionary theory.
He discusses various journalists' reactions to it:
The problem with Behe's testimony for Hanna Rosin [of Slate] was not too little scientific explanation but too much. She found it all very taxing.
And scathingly concludes:
Scientists who stood alone used to inspire a little more deference in the left. But Michael Behe is one nonconformist they won't defend. The silencers of unpopular science once feared ACLU lawyers. Now they retain them.