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ACTA Speaks Out On "Not So Intelligent Administrative Designs"

I just found this (you'll have to scroll down to Oct. 22, the day it was posted) courageous defense of academic freedom and free and open scientific inquiry posted by the The American Council of Trustees and Alumni. It's a blog post responding to the recent wave of viewpoint discrimination against ID in higher education. ACTA writes:

Denunciations are not reasoned refutations. Administrative bans on intellectual inquiry do more to chill debate than to foster it, and do considerable damage not only to the ideas being banned, but also to those being protected from challenge or dispute. ... Universities should be actively fostering debate about intelligent design, not seeking to shut down investigation of the idea entirely. And they should be doing this not because intelligent design is right, or even viable--fostering debate about an idea does not mean endorsing that idea--but because it is anti-intellectual and hypocritical of them to do otherwise.