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Hey Fellas, We told You So

CSC senior fellow David Berlinski writes:

Paris --
This link is to an article by Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne. Please read the article while endeavoring not to laugh, chortle, snicker, hoot or whistle. You will find it cannot be done. In the course of affirming why there is absolutely no controversy about anything over there where Darwinian biologists hang out, they indicate quite soberly that, in fact, there are lots of controversies after all -- all of them precisely of the sort that Darwinian critics have been insisting were there all along and that Darwinian biologists have all along insisted did not exist and were of no consequence. You could, if you wished, line up Darwin on Trial or my own The Deniable Darwin and compare it to the remarkably frank admission and ask yourself just what the hell Coyne and Dawkins are not saying that we did not say long before them? And you could, if you wished further, ask yourself why it has taken this long for the leaders of the field to acknowledge the plain fact that Darwinian theories are simpy riddled with problems for which Darwinian theories have no answers. If you were uncharitably inclined, you might even post this entire piece to the DI website with the words: Hey fellas, we told you so.

But speaking seriously, there is more to be said about an article like this -- much more. It is in my view the finest tribute that could be paid to the Other Side, since au fond, it constitutes a remarkably frank admission that the Other Side -- that's us -- has been right in stressing the grave weaknesses of Darwinian theory. The list of problems that Coyne and Dawkins have produced could be extended far into the night; but it's a good beginning. That they use the deficiencies of Darwinian theory to argue against ID is an added pleasure.