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Design Scientist Allowed to Speak for Himself in Instance of Gross Journalistic Negligence

Darwinists are up in arms over the fact that The Guardian had the gall to do an interview with CSC senior fellow, biochemist Michael Behe and then publish it without letting Darwinists attack him.

The MSM's standard operating procedure is to interview a design theorist and then quote a whole slew of Darwinist "rebutting" him in the very same article. Darwinists are rightly upset that the rules were changed and they weren't informed. By all means they should be kicking and screaming and writing nasty letters to The Guardian for this dispicable display of bias. Imagine letting a pro-design scientist speak for himself. What is the world coming to?

On the other hand, you might write your own letter to reporter John Sutherland, and The Guardian, and thank them for reporting Behe's views about intelligent design. Here are a couple of places to make your own voice heard.
Reader's editor -- reader@guardian.co.uk.
Editors Blog -- http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/editors/