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Darwinism is a Foundation for Speculation and Revision, Not for Modern Experimental Biology

A recent essay in The Scientist and a second piece newly available here show that Darwinism is not the cornerstone of modern experimental biology. I blogged Philip Skell's essay from The Scientist on Tuesday. There's now also available online a paper by Roland Hirsch arguing, as William Dembski explains in the introduction to the book of essays where it's found, "Roland Hirsch overviews many of the recent advances in molecular biology and biochemistry, showing how Darwinism has failed both to anticipate and to explain them."

The International Society for Complexity, Information and Design website says that Hirsch is the "program manager in the Medical Sciences Division in the Office of Biological and Environmental Research at the DOE, where he is in charge of the structural biology facility program, a manager in the DOE Genomes to Life program, and director of Environmental Management Science Program."