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Theocracy Charges and Ad Hominem Attacks on the Rise

More and more we’re seeing ridiculous charges from Darwinists that CSC scientists, and scientists skeptical of Darwinism in general, are religious zealots and right-wingers with theocratic leanings. It reminded me of Giuseppe Sermonti’s comment about Darwinism being the only politically correct science. So, now you have dogmatic Darwinists seeking to discredit anyone who speaks out against Darwinism in order to protect a politically correct scientific viewpoint.

Response by John G. West (Discovery Institute) to Paul Gross article, “Intelligent Design and that Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” Science Insights, Volume 7, No. 5 (November 2003)

“Darwinism… is the ‘politically correct’ of science,” observes Italian geneticist Giuseppe Sermonti. (“Darwin is a Prime Number,” Rivista di Biologia, 95 [2002], p. 10). Perhaps the best that can be said of Paul Gross’s “Intelligent Design and that Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” (Science Insights, Sept. 2003) is that Gross succeeds rather spectacularly in proving Sermonti right.

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West, along with CSC senior fellow Jonathan Witt, wrote another piece also making this point last year for Science & Theology News.

No legitimate proponent of intelligent design opposes the separation of church and state, least of all Discovery Institute, a secular think tank whose various officers and fellows represent an eclectic range of religious views, from Jewish to Roman Catholic to Presbyterian to agnostic-hardly a fundamentalist cabal.