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Freeze Dried Protestors Fight for the Establishment…the Scientific Establishment

I would personally like to thank Washington Post reporter Peter Slevin for highlighting the deeply held convictions of the new branch campus of the Darwin-only lobby in Fairfax Virginia. Like the cause-heads of PCU this group of freeze dried protestors “led mostly by Vietnam-era protesters” who “came together in frustration after the November elections, have little political experience, apart from hoisting Kerry-Edwards signs.”

Said Richard Lawrence, 63:

‘"We're just a small group, maybe with a powerful idea. We don't have a clue, but we're not letting go."'

Without a clue is right. Like the Cause-heads they, in the words of Droz: “find a world-threatening issue and stick with it for about a week.”


“Five months ago, they were choosing a mission…they selected evolution after deciding that other issues, such as Social Security revisions, were well-covered by bigger, richer groups.”
Freeze dried indeed. All it takes to get them going is to add an issue and bring them to a boil. Just as their generation passes everything through the filter of Vietnam, The Message Group, as they call themselves, seems to have caught a case of Darrow-Mencken Sydrome and only seems able to see this issue through the lens of “Inherit the Wind”. One sure symptom of DMS has already appeared as they are going to:
“hold a mock Scopes trial this fall, with the anti-Darwinian cause in the dock, the reverse of the 1925 Tennessee case that challenged the teaching of evolution”
Way to be ingenuitive guys, but read up on what’s happened in the last thirty years. Critics of Darwinian evolution have been put in the dock and in some cases, like Roger DeHart, in the stocks and pilloried for saying things critical of Darwinian evolution that were already said in mainline science journals like Natural History Magazine (See Stephen Jay Gould’s “Abscheulich! - Atrocious! - the precursor to the theory of natural selection,” March 2000) Way to fight for the establishment!