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Dembski Hits the Nail on the Head

CSC senior fellow William Dembski’s blog about an article in The New Scientist’s recent issue on intelligent design paints the perfect picture of the exact problem ID proponents and Darwinian skeptics face with almost all media.

Reporters sometimes wonder why CSC fellows don’t immediately stop whatever they’re doing and spend hours answering their questions and trying to explain our side of the issue to them when they call.

Well, this is exactly why we're hesitant to give reporters very much time and access. All too often the reporter has not read any of our materials or made any attempt to familiarize themselves with the arguments we’re presenting. Instead, they’d rather regurgitate the criticisms delivered to them by the NCSE and others as if that was the final word on the issue.

A number of large, mainstream publications are currently working on stories about the work of our scientists and it will be interesting to see if the reporters for these larger outlets will do any better job than their counterparts have in smaller venues.