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Doctors Diagnose an Ailing Theory

Discovery Institute advocates teaching students the controversy over Neo-Darwinism. The rebuttal is simplicity itself: "Medievalists! Naughty Luddites! Are you going teach the strengths and weaknesses of gravity? Heliocentrism? Evolution is ... A ... FACT!"

Change over time is a fact, but modern evolutionary theory claims a good deal more than this. Sixty percent of medical doctors do not doubt the theory of gravity. Sixty percent of doctors are not agitating against heliocentrism. Sixty percent of doctors do apparently doubt Darwin's idea of undirected evolution from amoeba to man.

An eminent psychiatrist is among them. Another two also have their doubts, and more than doubts. They begin their Newsmax essay: "If you believe you are just a blob of cellular tissue, please raise your right protoplasm. Does your own doctor treat you like a human being, or just an accidental collection of chemicals, haphazardly arranged by dumb chance?" Their full examination is here.