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Berlinski to Randi: "See No Evil"

CSC Senior Fellow David Berlinski has just sent me an open letter to the Amazing Randi. Randi you may remember led the Darwinist charge of the bright brigade to try and coerce the Smithsonian into deep sixing The Privileged Planet. And Randi was serious because he offered a $20,000 bribe to keep the film from playing.

Berlinski, however, has decided to screen the film in Paris.

But here’s the thing, Randi. I was sort of planning to screen the film right here in my apartment in Paris. I’ve got a little screening room I call The Smithsonian right between the bathroom and the kitchen, I sort of figured I’d invite some friends over, open a couple cans of suds, sort of kick back and enjoy. Now you fork over $20,000 to the Smithsonian not to show the film and right away I’m showing the film here in Paris – that’s just not going to work for you, if you catch my drift.
The problem for Randi, and the Darwinists, is that way more people have now heard about The Privileged Planet than would otherwise have ever heard about it. Scandal has a funny way of publicizing things above and beyond normal.

Berlinski also points out:

I write a lot of stuff for Commentary, too. The right price, I don’t have to write anything at all. Think it over. Let me know.