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Kansas Evolution Hearings Start Today: Will the Media Cover or Ignore the Substance of the Debate?

Today the Kansas Board of Education opens its hearings on whether students should learn about all of the scientific evidence relating to Darwin's theory, including the evidence that challenges the theory. The big question is whether journalists will actually report on the substance of the hearings, or will they simply follow the script supplied by the Darwin-only advocates, who have made clear that they want to prevent at all costs any discussion of the science.

Darwinists in Kansas have virtually promised to smear and demonize the scientists who will be testifying at the hearings. What they cannot do is make those scientists disappear. After months of claiming that there are no scientific critics of Darwinism, and insisting that the only criticisms of Darwin's theory are religious, the Darwin-only advocates are about to be shown wrong. Over the next three days, the Kansas Board will be hearing about scientific criticisms of Darwinian theory from an array of scientists, including biology professors at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Akron, biochemistry professors at the University of Georgia and Lehigh University, and genetics professors at Cornell University and the University of Perugia. According to Darwinists, these scientists aren't even supposed to exist. But they are here nonetheless, and they deserve to be heard. Given the scorched-earth tactics adopted by groups like Kansas Citizens for Science, these dissenting scientists have shown a great deal of personal courage in coming forward to testify. I only hope that the newsmedia will give them a fair shake and allow their arguments to be heard.