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Stop the Presses! There's Still Nothing New Under the Sun

The Cobb Co. textbook disclaimer has finally been cleverly parodied by Steve Mirsky in the latest issue of Scientific American. And not a moment too soon.

Let's see, the first disclaimer sticker case was a decade or more ago in Louisiana. The Cobb Co. case originated just after the turn of the millennia, and it was over three years ago that the school district authorized the use of the disclaimers. About time someone at long last humorlessly skewered it.

Never mind that in December 2004, The New York Times op-ed page published a chart by Colin Purrington, The Descent of Dissent that poked fun at disclaimer stickers and criticized anyone at all critical of evolution. Purrington of course had been satirizing the textbook disclaimers for some time on his Swarthmore U website.

Mirsky, though, was not put off by waiting nearly two months since the decision was handed down by a federal judge to see his original idea finally published.

Such sort of rapid response from Darwinists at Scientific American should come as no surprise. There have been known problems with Darwinian evolution for over 100 years that they still haven't recognized.