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Darrow-Mencken Syndrome (DMS)

Darrow-Mencken Syndrome: closely associated with delusions of grandeur, this pathology infects many in the media and the advocacy profession by convincing them that they can be as great as Darwinist attorney Clarence Darrow or as brilliant as journalist and religious skeptic H.L. Mencken if they merely cast intelligent design arguments as a recapitulation of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Signs & Symptoms:
Darrow-Mencken Syndrome most often manifests itself in attorneys and reporters and usually prevents them from actually investigating the evidence and arguments of design theorists. One tell-tale symptom of Darrow-Mencken syndrome is the chronic use of simplistic or inaccurate definitions of intelligent design. Many aren't consciously trying to misrepresent intelligent design. They have just been disabled by the delirium often associated with Darrow-Mencken.

The beginning of a cure to Darrow-Mencken syndrome can be had by reading the actual works of intelligent design theorists, which can be had here and here and here.
By Keith Pennock