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Sticker Shock at Instapundit

Instapundit is featuring a joke equating the Cobb County evolution sticker with belief in a flat earth.

Glenn Reynolds doesn't fit neatly into the Republican or Democrat camp. For that reason I'm optimistic he will soon move past the simplistic binary opposition of idiot-Darwinism-doubters-who-only-grudgingly-concede-the-earth-is-round vs. enlightened-secularists-who-understand-that-Darwinism-is-a-given-and-doesn't-threaten-religion.

A first step would be to read this short piece by philosopher of science Stephen Meyer. There, Reynolds would learn that only a certain kind of evolution is certain, namely, change within a species (microevolution). But Darwinists use a bait and switch tactic; they give examples of microevolution, then improperly use that to stand in as evidence for macroevolution.

Microevolution is a fact, but the scientific controversies concerning macroevolution, specifically the notion that a single cell evolved into all of the species around us. There are deep-seated problems with that theory, problems noted in the mainstream scientific literature.

Discovery Institute colleague Keith Pennock comments: "Reynolds' derision is ironic in light of his skepticism about the impact of global warming. Intelligent design, like global warming, is an issue about which scientists disagree, the preponderance of whom have a view that Reynolds thinks is politically motivated. So I find it odd that Reynolds gave global warming doubters a fair hearing (who question the vast bulk of the scientific "mainstream") but has yet to do the same for ID."