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Discussion of Darwinist harrassment at Smithsonian

Expect David Klinghoffer's op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal-- discussing institutionalized bias at the Smithsonian and the attacks upon scientist Richard Sternberg--to make waves in the blogosphere. One can already read posts with comments discussing the story at Conservative Philosopher and Southern Appeal. Also be sure to check out the comments at IDEA Center.

Sense of Soot is skeptical of ID's claims, but nonetheless makes the important observation that: "the fear of even approaching the issue scientifically can make blind naysayers of critical thinkers . . . and that's a crying shame." Coming from a different perspective on ID is Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost, who concludes his lengthy post with a note of optimism:

while scientific revolutions can be delayed, they cannot be stopped. And if the ideas behind Intelligent Design have merit--and I believe they do--then it is only a matter of time before they gain acceptance. Until that day, though, people like Richard Sternberg, who have the gall to oppose the Darwinian Fundamentalists, will suffer the consequences of being ahead of their time.

See John West's prior post (here) for more background information on Klinghoffer's expose.