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Boston Globe Worries about Invasion by "Creationists"

While the rest of the country worries about terrorists who try to blow up people here and abroad, the editorialists at the Boston Globe worry about an invasion by... American creationists. Today the Globe is running an overwrought editorial with the hysterical title "Creationists at the gate"--conjuring up images of stampeding hordes of vandals and visigoths about to overrun civilized society. It is becoming harder and harder to lampoon the liberal newsmedia on the evolution issue, because their hysteria apparently knows no bounds.

If the liberal media want to be taken more seriously by the majority of Americans, they might start by trying to base their opinions on facts rather than fantasies. For example, the Globe repeatedly warns of efforts to introduce "Genesis" into science classes across the country. Where? By whom? Certainly not by Discovery Institute or the proponents of intelligent design, despite the Globe's efforts to imply otherwise. In fact, I don't know of any serious effort by anyone to introduce Genesis in science classes. That's not what's happening in places like Ohio, or Minnesota, or even Cobb County, Georgia or Dover, Pennsylvania.

Ironically, the Globe cites approvingly the governing council of a biology journal that condemned publication in its journal of a peer-reviewed article favoring intelligent design by Discovery Institute's Stephen Meyer. Too bad the Globe editorialists didn't read Friday's Wall Street Journal before citing that bit of information. An article there exposed allegations of a vicious campaign of harassment and intimidation against the biology journal editor who allowed the Meyer article to be published. One might think that the even the Globe editorialists would be uncomfortable allying themselves with those who would harass a scientific colleague simply because he favors open debate over the merits of Darwinism. Not that the Globe writers really know anything about the controversy over the Meyer article. It's clear that they didn't read the article--or even look at the biology journal! They refer to the journal as a "biology journal in Washington state," when in fact it is published at the National Museum of Natural History, part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Oops.