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Banning of UMOL is PBS' loss and Amazon's gain

Leave it to the capitalists at Amazon.com and the free market system to captialize on the censorship of UMOL by the Darwinists.

Several months ago UMOL sales were languishing well below 7,000 on Amazon.com's sales ranking system. However, thanks to KNME censorship , the film actually peaked at 2,500 over the weekend. Currently it has slipped a bit to 4,540. Still this shows a serious spike in sales. We've received dozens of requests for the film ourselves.

Nothing spurs sales quite like a good controversy. Had KNME just let well enough alone this whole thing would have blown over by now. But, thanks to their protectionism more and more people are seeing UMOL than otherwise would have been the case.

If you want you can order the film at Amazon.com, or you can call 1-800-643-4102, or you can get it straight from the producers, Illustra Media.