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Research on the stars of the Design of Life films continues to reveal marvels beyond the reach of unguided processes.
Evolution is beset by chicken-and-egg problems: How to get A and B when A requires B and B requires A?
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Wowed by big numbers, we turn off that skeptical voice in us.
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The War on Fishing

When the usual suspects advocate destroying a trillion dollar industry, it is one thing. But when an outdoors magazine sympathizes?
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Can a Determinist Change the World?

G.K. Chesterton told an amusing story of a young man who wrote to him extolling the truth of solipsism.
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Students, Scientism, and Straw Men

When You Don't Have Time to Think: Reflexes

New Precambrian Embryos Are Equivocal at Best

A Sense of Balance: Understanding the Vestibular Apparatus

Teleology and the Mind