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Nancy Pearcey

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One section in materialist Edward Slingerland's book is titled "We Are Robots Designed Not to Believe That We Are Robots."

How the Body Solves the Problem of Oxygen Transport

When a person's level of hemoglobin drops below the normal range, the result is anemia.
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A Transhumanist Asks, "Why Not Be Superheroes?"

It's worth considering. With regard to human enhancement, where should the line be drawn?
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Are the Ediacarans Transitional Forms for the Cambrian Explosion?

Attempts to find a Cambrian fuse in the Ediacaran animals are less than convincing.
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How Much Brain Can You Pack Into a Spider Head?

Large mammal brains are amazing, but no less indicative of design is the micro-miniaturization of brainpower in a tiny spider's head.
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